Oct 16, 2012

Dear Friendship :

Though miles may lie between us,
 we are never far apart,
for friendship never doesnt count miles
 it measure by the HEART.

but for me, miles can cause your heart blind. blind to measure a frienship that we have. because of that, 3 became 2. just 2 of us. i cant say that i didnt miss you but that feeling is doesnt means to you anymore. 

this word form me to you dear;

please change your attitude. dont blame others, but take a time to think what we have done to others, especially someone that love you. i always pray for your happiness. good luck in your life. take care.

nuratikah zulkeffli

no worries because i have my kesayangan, my delitterone. i love and miss her than you know. opss. you dont know what is the love. sorry.